Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life is Bumpy

Life is Bumpy. It has it's twists and turns, ups and downs, hills and valleys, laughter and tears. But in the end, it is the journey that makes us who we are. I will never regret any of the bumps along the way, as each one has taught me a lesson about myself and helped me to better understand my destiny and purpose. And it is through each bump I encounter that I am reminded to celebrate my life and all there is to learn about the real meaning of happiness.

Today was a rough day for me. I had a lot on my mind and was having difficulty getting out of my own way. Sometimes the fear takes over, and common sense does not prevail--and in the midst of it all, I find myself heading down the wrong path paved with negativity and self defeat. In those times, I always try to think of things that make me happy, or I go searching for some infinite wisdom outside of myself. Maybe the advice is found in one of my many books or tapes, or sometimes it is via the net (facebook, twitter, a blog) that someone's words resonate with me. Today it was twitter and it was a guy I stumbled across who's name is Charlie. He owns an advertising/marketing firm called Curve Detroit. I have never met him in person, and don't really know much about him. What I can tell you is he taught me a lot today about why life does not have to be bumpy. He posted a video on his blog that spoke to the fact that there are three things that make happiness. First, buy the best mattress you can afford. Second, do something you love for your career. Third, find a mate who "gets you". The video was short, but the message was HUGE. I suddenly realized how easy it really is to stay in a positive space.

Here is what I do know. I have the Sleep Number bed which I love. I have the amazing husband who is my soul mate and loves me just as I am. I also have a great job in advertising and a part time baking business that allows me to indulge in my true passion. It is just that simple......I needed to be reminded I really do have everything I need to be happy and fufilled.

So, to celebrate this new revelation that got me out of my rut, I baked four dozen BUMPY cupcakes. I am going to take them to work tomorrow and share with my co-workers the three simple ingredients of a happy life. Thanks Charlie!!

Here is the link to Charlie's video:

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