Sunday, November 23, 2008

OVER THE MOON pumpkin bread

This is the first entry to my new blog. My name is Beverly and I LOVE to bake. I revel at
the very idea of measuring, sifting, stiring, mixing, baking and tasting! Baking has always been a great stress reliever for me, as well as a way to stimulate my creative side. I spend hours a day entertaining myself by visiting other baking blogs. There are some incredibly talented bakers out there! It is such a great way to share ideas and get inspired! So, my first post is for a delicious pumpkin bread I found on a blog I stumbled upon this weekend and it is MyBakingAddiction
This gal is a twenty-something teacher by trade who also happens to be a baker and aspiring photographer. Her recipes are divine, and her photos are gorgeous. Unfortunately, my photos cannot even begin to match hers so bear with me! I am getting ready to send out my monthly care package to my son who attends college in Santa Barbara, CA. I am sending him some of the extras!

If you are looking for a delicious Fall treat for your friends or family this is it! This bread is moist, flavorful and delicious. It also has a cream cheese glaze that is OVER THE MOON delicious! I doubled the recipe to get 8 mini loaves. It came out perfect! I also sprinkled my bread with Demerara sugar before baking. Here is the recipe!


The finished product! YUMMY


outside 'z' box said...

I just told David the name of your blog and he said you called it that cause you end up staying up all night staring at the moon when you do your baking projects. LOL Smartass! Is he still your favorite BIL?? :)

Beverly said...

He is a smarty pants isn't he? Well, since he is sweet to you and the girls, I still love him, as far as being my favorite now.....gee, not sure. He has to win back my good graces. :)