Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Happiness

A Tower of Sweets!
Brownie Truffles-Yummy

I had a magical moment a couple of weeks ago. The kind of moment that reminds me why I love to bake, and how amazing it feels to really do what I feel passionate about.

For those of you who don't know me all that well, baking is my true passion. I have continued to do it part time providing sweet treats for many occassions. Two weeks ago Saturday, I had a wedding cake tasting appointment set up at 1:30pm. I had worked until 2am that morning at my "day job" in advertising, and came home exhausted. Duty called, however, and I had 3 pies to bake and a number of different style of cupcakes to bake and decorate. So, I baked, frosted and set up until 5:30am and hit the hay for a couple of hours so I could get up early and finish up the details. Funny thing is once I started the process not only was I not tired, but full of energy and delight.
So a beautiful bride to be, Morgan, and her very sweet fiance Brett, showed up at my home for the tasting to decide what they wanted for their big day. The theme was Martha Stewart inspired from the February issue. Morgan had given me some leadway to make it my own. I had baked three pies: one Cherry, one apple and one cherry/apple. I also baked 2 dozen mini and standard style red velvet cupcakes and used my creative prowess to come up with some unique decorating ideas. Last but not least I did 2 dozen heart shaped brownies and some brownie truffles. I painstakingly placed all the goodies in a creative display fit for royalty.

So here comes the magical the couple stepped into my dining room, the look on their faces was pure joy. The bride gasped in delight and her fiance had a smile that let me know I got the stamp of approval. As they sat down for the tasting, the bride kept commenting on how beautiful everything looked. They started with the mini cupcakes and worked their way into each of the pies. Every bite was met with resounding compliments, oohs and ahhs. As the bride looked over at me, she said, "Bev, not only is this exactly what I wanted, it is far beyond what I could ever have expected." Those are the moments I live for! She went on to explain that the wedding planning process has been painful and a number of her vendors have been unable to come up with anything unique or special. She was so thrilled at the idea that I had not only went above and beyond to meet their expectations, but that my creativity was outstanding. WOW-does that make the lack of sleep, the aching feet and the complete exhaustion worth every moment it took to get there.

The lesson for me: Do what you love and the magnificene will come! I am so honored and thrilled to have the God given talent to be able to bake and decorate these treats, but having a day like today is a reminder of how happy it makes me to bring so much joy to such a magnificent event.


Cherry Apple Pie
Cherry Pie
Apple Pie

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